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The Lazy Drongo: A Mischievous Monsoon Brew

As the monsoon winds sweep through the vibrant city of Bangalore, it is a time when conversations over a cup of coffee take on a magical essence. It is during one such moment that a serendipitous meeting of minds occurred, leading to the creation of something truly remarkable -The Lazy Drongo. A unique craft beer brought to life as a result of a collaboration between Arbor Brewing Company and Kerehaklu Estate, a picturesque plantation nestled in the hills of Chikmagalur.

The Lazy Drongo encapsulates the spirit of Bangalore - a city that embraces innovation, collaboration, and the beauty of its surroundings. Every sip of this remarkable brew offers a taste of the monsoon winds that grace the city, intertwining with the stories of two passionate establishments coming together to create something extraordinary.

What makes this beer so exceptional, you may ask? It is its secret ingredient - cascara, the dried skins of coffee cherries. Typically abandoned during the extraction of precious coffee beans, these forgotten remnants find new purpose within the depths of this remarkable beer. The result is a cascara saison that marries the fruity, floral notes of cascara with the refreshing qualities of a traditional saison.

The brewing of The Lazy Drongo involves the meticulous selection of Rye and Barley malts with addition of cascara and saison yeast, ensuring a complex and well-rounded flavour profile. This exceptional brew with an ABV 5.7% and IBU 15% has spicy peppery, citrusy and Earthy notes creating a symphony of flavours. To harmonise this earthy character, a touch of honey is introduced, bestowing a subtle sweetness that lingers on the palate like a gentle monsoon breeze.

With every sip of this extraordinary brew, you are transported to the lush greens of Kerehaklu Estate, where cascara cherries flourish in harmony with nature's embrace. Lose yourself in the symphony of flavours, the intoxicating aromas, and the velvety smoothness that cascades down your throat. To further provide an all-round experience, the brew is accompanied by a specially curated enchanting pairing menu featuring Coastal flavours. This menu, bursting with the right kick of spice, harmonises perfectly with the Lazy Drongo, enhancing every sip and bite.

Let your senses embark on a sensory odyssey like no other, and allow The Lazy Drongo to ignite the fire of wonder within your heart.

So, raise your glass and toast to The Lazy Drongo, and cheers to this mischievous monsoon brew!

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