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Arbor Beer-scope : Capricorn 2024

In the heart of Capricorn season, the energy is one of quiet determination and steadfast ambition. As the sun graces this pragmatic and disciplined earth sign, there's a sense of purpose that permeates the air. Capricorns, born with an innate sense of responsibility and a keen eye for long-term goals, approach life with a structured and methodical mindset.

As the season nears its close, the Capricorn spirit is at its peak. Governed by Saturn, the taskmaster of the zodiac, Capricorns are known for their ability to climb the steepest mountains with unwavering resolve. The atmosphere is charged with a sense of achievement, where practicality meets ambition, and hard work paves the way to success.

Enter Tangerine Meme, a Bavarian lager that encapsulates the very essence of Capricorn. This beer, like the mountain goat that symbolises Capricorn, is straightforward and no-nonsense. Its simplicity reflects the Capricorn approach to life—a clean, crisp all-malt lager that doesn't need embellishments.

Made with German Mandarina Bavaria hops, Tangerine Meme introduces a subtle twist. Classic noble hop characteristics of grass and gooseberry are there, but it's the unexpected orangey, tangeriney, citrusy notes that add a touch of flair. It's a bit sharp on the palate, mirroring the precision and focus that Capricorns bring to their endeavours, but it finishes real mellow—a nod to the calm and composed demeanour that often defines Capricorn individuals.

Capricorns are not known for unnecessary frills or extravagant displays. Much like this Bavarian lager, they appreciate the beauty in simplicity and the power in understatement. Tangerine Meme is a testament to the Capricorn work ethic—EZ drinkin', uncomplicated, and refreshingly straightforward.

As the Capricorn season bids adieu, let's raise a glass to the mountain climbers, the architects of their own success, and the pragmatic dreamers. May the determined spirit of Tangerine Meme accompany you in your pursuits, and may the simplicity of its flavour resonate with the elegance of achieving your goals with grace. Here's to Capricorn, to the quiet strength that defines you, and to the moments of quiet celebration that await. Cheers!


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