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Strawberry Blonde: The Perfect Summer Beer!

As the summer heat approaches Bangalore, and your favourite fruit goes out of season, we at Arbor Brewing Company have just the thing for you! Strawberry Blonde, a beer that is as refreshing as a summer breeze and fresh as those juicy strawberries.

The Blonde, a French-Belgian beer style with a cider-y character, is light and refreshing. A perfect blend of malt, spice, sweet and zesty hints of citrus. Our brewing team used this as a base to add 100 kg of frozen strawberries to bring you a refreshing fruit ale that doesn't forget it’s a beer.

Blonde beer, also known as golden ale or pale ale, has a fascinating history dating back to the 18th century. A time when the lager was taking centre stage, this Belgian style light coloured refreshing beer was created. The term "blonde" was originally used to describe the colour of the malt used in the brewing process, which was lighter than the darker malts typically used for stouts and porters. Today, craft breweries have embraced the style and have created their own unique takes on blonde beer, incorporating different hops, malts, and brewing techniques to create a wide range of flavourful and refreshing options for beer lovers.

In a spree of our own discoveries ABC founders, Matt and Rene Greff discovered the Brasserie Greff, an old family brewery that operated in Nancy, France from the late 19th century through the beginning of WWII. They celebrated by re-creating a style popular in the French region at the turn of the century and called it Brasserie Blonde. The Strawberry Blonde is a fruit variation of the original Brasserie Blonde that we release in the summer.

Arbor's Strawberry Blonde is a versatile brew that pairs well with spicy food. The beer has a sweet fruity flavour, which cools the palate and complements the spices in dishes packed with chillies or BBQ flavours. It is also a wonderful choice for light salads or seafood finished with a citrus dressing. Order ABC’s burgers, spicy wings, or fresh salad—this beer is the perfect complement!

It's always the perfect season for Strawberry Blonde, so what are you waiting for? Head on down to Arbor and get yourself a pint.


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