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Origins of the India Pale Ale

This National IPA Day, take a journey through time with Arbor Brewing Company! Today we pay homage to the legendary history of the India Pale Ale and how the American craft beer community revived its greatness!

Come down to ABC for our IPA'S!

The Beachshack IPA, a West Coast IPA. With its brilliant gold hue, creamy white head and big fresh hop aroma, our Beach Shack India Pale Ale is as enticing as a day at the beach. This juicy American-style IPA is packed with citrus and tropical fruit flavours from a wagon load of late-addition hops that deliver huge flavour and aroma with the right balance of refreshing bitterness.

As well as the Raging Elephant, an American IPA. An old-school American IPA with a coppery-gold hue and a full cascade hop aroma. Rich bready malts lay a perfect foundation for the profusion of tangy, citrusy hops that infuse this beer with a distinct ruby-red grapefruit quality that starts on the palate and lingers through a long satisfying finish.

Do head down and order your favourite IPA and celebrate this historical day with us!


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