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Arbor Beer-scope: Virgo 2023

Welcome to the meticulous and analytical realm of Virgo season, where precision meets pragmatism, and the world becomes a canvas of intricate details. As the cosmic spotlight is on you it illuminates your innate ability to see the beauty in order and organisation. This year, Virgo season comes with an interesting twist - Mercury, your ruling planet, is in retrograde within your sign, intensifying your already sharp mind.

During this season, your meticulous nature shines brightly, Virgo. Just as the cosmos asks you to review, reorganise, and recalibrate, your attention to detail becomes your greatest asset. It's a time to refine your plans, correct past mistakes, and set a clear path for the future. In this harmonious alignment of the stars and planets, there's a brew that captures the essence of this moment: Kaleidoscope Wit.

Just as Virgos have an innate ability to dissect details and perceive things in their intricate forms, the Kaleidoscope Wit is a Belgian-style wheat beer that invites discernment. Every nuance, from the citrus zest to the subtle coriander, is like the small but essential details that Virgo notices and values.

The chamomile, citrus zest, and coriander combine in a swirling gavotte of taste, much like your meticulous approach to life. You, Virgo, have a unique ability to see the interplay of various elements, just as this beer weaves together its ingredients into a harmonious dance of flavours.

The Kaleidoscope Wit's honey, lending a gentle sweetness, harmonises with the delicate floral and herbal notes, creating a balanced and thoughtful profile. This balance mirrors Virgo's constant quest for equilibrium in life, finding the middle ground between past lessons and future aspirations.

Every sip of this brew encourages you to explore its intricate geometry, much like your analytical mind loves to decode complex problems. Virgos have a knack for finding solutions where others see chaos, and this beer's multifaceted flavours are a testament to that.

So, dear Virgo, when the world seems to slow down and Mercury plays its celestial tricks, take a moment to savour the complexities of life with a glass of Kaleidoscope Wit. Let it be a reflection of your own ability to find beauty in the details and navigate the intricacies of existence. May this season and the Mercury retrograde energy amplify your ability to see the world's kaleidoscope of potential. Cheers to you, and to the intricate beauty you bring to everything you touch!

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Brett Walton
Brett Walton
Oct 11, 2023

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