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Arbor Beer-scope : Scorpio 2023

In the depths of Scorpio season, intensity and mystery take centre stage. Ruled by Pluto, Scorpios are known for their transformative nature, a potent blend of passion and secrecy. This season is a time for introspection, as Scorpios navigate the complexities of their own emotions and those around them. The Scorpio energy encourages deep connections and a fearless exploration of the shadows, where profound transformations often take root.

This season is a time for shedding old layers, embracing vulnerability, and emerging renewed into the world. Scorpios, guided by passion and intuition, navigate these depths with a keen sense of purpose. The energy is magnetic, drawing others into the enigmatic world Scorpios inhabit. It's a season for authenticity and transformation, a time when the shadows hold as much beauty as the light.

Now, let's draw parallels with the Easy Rider, a beer that reflects the Scorpio spirit in every sip. This American Wheat Beer is crafted for the free spirit—the rebel who thrives on the open road of life. Much like the Scorpio journey, it's fresh and untamed, with a smooth undercurrent that hints at the complexities beneath the surface.

Just as Scorpios have a light yet intense presence, the Easy Rider offers a hint of citrusy and hop character. It's an easy-drinking companion for warm weather, mirroring the Scorpio ability to navigate the heat of challenges with a cool exterior.

The appearance of a golden orange sun through the haze echoes the transformative energy of Scorpio season, where hidden truths come to light. The Easy Rider is reminiscent of the Scorpio spirit—bold, adventurous, and unafraid to stand out. It's a beer for those who embrace the ride, much like Scorpios who face life head-on.

As you savour an Easy Rider, consider it a companion on your mysterious journey, Scorpions. Just as you find beauty and revelation in the depths, this beer invites you to appreciate the beauty in simplicity and the thrill of the unexplored.

Cheers to the Scorpios—embracing the mystery, navigating the unknown, and finding liberation in every twist of the road!

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