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Arbor Beer-scope: Libra 2023

The dance of Libra season, a time when balance, aesthetics, and interpersonal relationships take centre stage. As the scales of justice symbolise your sign, Libra, this season encourages you to weigh decisions, seek harmony, and radiate charm and grace. It's a time when the universe beckons you to cultivate balance, both external and internal. During this season, your ruling planet Venus casts a soft glow, amplifying your appreciation for beauty and creativity. It is a time when you're at your most charming and diplomatic, effortlessly navigating the complexities of human relationships and aesthetics. Now, let's draw parallels with the Michael Faricy Irish Stout, a beer that embodies the Libra spirit in every sip.This Irish Stout, much like you, is an embodiment of depth, richness, and balance.

Starting with the enticing aromas of fresh-ground coffee and bittersweet chocolate, the Michael Faricy Stout engages the senses in a delightful dance, much like the charm and allure Libras exude naturally.

The palate of chalky, roasted flavours is akin to your ability to handle even the most challenging situations with grace and poise. You, Libra, have a way of finding solutions that are both fair and practical, just as this beer strikes a balance between its various elements.

The lush dark chocolates that accompany the roasted flavours represent your appreciation for the finer things in life. You have a keen eye for beauty and aesthetics, and you're drawn to experiences that delight the senses.

The smoky finish of the Michael Faricy Irish Stout is a reminder of the depth and complexity of your character, Libra. You have a multifaceted personality, and this beer reflects your ability to surprise and intrigue those around you. As we savour the smoky finish of the Michael Faricy Stout, we're reminded of the poignant history behind its name. This stout was created to commemorate the life and times of a dear friend, just as you, Libra, create lasting connections and friendships with your warm and sociable nature. It's a reminder that your presence leaves a mark on the lives of those you touch, much like the impact of a fine stout.

So, during this Libra season, consider raising a glass of Michael Faricy Irish Stout to toast to your exceptional qualities. Your ability to create harmony, seek beauty, and maintain balance in all you do is a gift to the world. Just as this beer is a masterpiece of balance and complexity, you are a masterpiece of grace and charm.

Cheers to you, Libra, and to the art of living beautifully and harmoniously!


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