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Arbor Beer-scope: Leo 2023

The season of Leo where we hear you roar! It’s time to embrace your innate leadership, letting your fire burn brilliantly and the world marvel at your charisma and strength. With your naturally radiant disposition and zest for life, Leo season calls upon you to take centre stage, capturing the spotlight with your passion and warmth.

During this time, the universe encourages you to embrace your inner lion and unleash your authentic self upon the world. Leo emanates regality and unyielding confidence, a sign that doesn't just walk but struts with pride. As the ruler of your own kingdom, Leo it's time for you to reign, to pursue your desires, and most importantly, to shine in all your glory.

Now, let’s pour this majestic energy into a glass with its beer counterpart – the No Parking Pilsner. Just as your presence, dear Leo, can never go unnoticed in a room, this traditional northern German-style Pilsner stands out with its deep golden hue. Like you, it embodies both history and regality. Brewed with all German malts and imported German Tettnang hops.

The full-flavoured Pilsner character of No Parking can be likened to your full-throttle approach to life, Leo. Medium-bodied and robust, it encapsulates your dynamic spirit. It's a colour that commands attention, just like your magnetic aura that draws admirers to you effortlessly.

The crisp, dry crystal clear character of this beer reflects your straightforward approach to life, Leo. You're not one to beat around the bush; your authenticity shines through in every interaction. Just as the Pilsner's flavours are clean and distinct, your words and actions are equally genuine.

Moreover, the mildly salty noble hop bitterness in the No Parking Pilsner resonates with your lion-hearted nature. It's a nod to your boldness and the unapologetic way you chase after your dreams.

So, as you take centre stage, dear Leo, raise a glass of No Parking Pilsner to toast your incredible journey. As you hold this lager in your hand, you're holding a symbol of your own vibrant personality. Each sip is a reminder of your unwavering confidence and the ability to leave a mark on the world.

Here’s to roaring louder, shining brighter, and living life king-size. Cheers to the lions of the zodiac!


Brett Walton
Brett Walton
Oct 12, 2023

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