Beer and Football are closely associated with each other. Every fan loves to drink a beer while watching his team pay their opponents. A win or loss is imminent but the spirit of football reigns during this time. 


We at Arbor realize this and have come up with an offer that you simply cannot refuse! 

The World Beer Cup Pass

Enjoy watching football this season while sipping on some  quality craft beer!

Silver Package

20 Beers (15% off)

Offer Price : ₹4, 250/-

Gold Package

40 Beers (20% off)

Offer Price: ₹8,000/-

Platinum Package

60 Beers (25%off)

Offer Price: ₹11,250/-

Terms and Conditions:

1) Offer valid only on purchase of pre-paid package

2) Redeemable only on Match Days. 

3) Packages bought are non-transferable and non-refundable.

4) Offer valid and beers redeemable till 15th July 2018. 

5) Sour beers chargeable extra. 

6) The Tripel and Smooth Criminal would be served in 300ml and 330ml glasses respectively

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