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March 1, 2018

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Batch 600 - Salted Caramel Porter

October 13, 2016

All historical references to “Porter” seem to go back to 1722 and one Ralph Harwood, a British brewer. He created a beer that was originally called “Entire" which was referred to a blend of three separate beers, consisting of one third each beer, ale, and strong beer. This blend was also known as “Three Threads”. Prior to Harwood, Entire was mixed in the bar at the point of service.


Entire quickly became popular as the workingman’s pint of choice, and as several historians seem to think, became known as Porter because it was a particular favorite of the porters who labored at the local markets and also delivered the product to the pubs.


The Evolution of Porter


Daniel Wheeler’s invention of the malt roaster in 1817 made black malt available for the first time—before this brewers used artificial coloring in their beers.


Porter made its way to Ireland in 1776 and Guinness was brewing it a few years later. The Irish made several versions using mostly pale malt with enough black malt to give its signature dark color and somewhat burnt flavor. The most common of this style was called plain porter. 


English porters persisted from the latter part of the 1700s through the 1800s, eventually making their way to America and to Russia and the Baltic countries where they evolved separately. During this time the terms porter and stout were used interchangeably, as were the brewing techniques. The Baltic porters were influenced by German lager brewing and became a bottom-fermented black beer, usually of higher ABVs (alcohol by volume).


Porter’s rule lasted into the 19th century before pale ales and pilsners started becoming more popular in Europe. 


The ABC - Porter Connection


Our Milestone Porter was first brewed in 1996 to commemorate the Batch 100 beer at our Ann Arbor, Michigan brewpub. We decided to carry on the tradition here in India by brewing a milestone porter for every 100th batch of beer and are now proud to release our truly unique Batch 600 Porter.


Batch 600 - Salted Caramel Porter




Our ongoing theme of brewing a porter style beer for every hundredth batch continues with an incredibly delightful salted caramel brew.

Similar beers are now being brewed in the USA but the style is relatively new.  This robust porter has a strong caramel malt taste and post fermentation our brewers added sea salt and high quality jaggery to achieve a slight tang and richness. The result is this stunning, and rich dark ale.


ABV 7.2%

IBU 27