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Publicly listed REITs may be purchased and sold on the primary stock markets. You may swiftly get in and out of a position with a large volume. Because they must distribute 90% of their earnings to shareholders, Fort Myers Real Estate investment trusts (REITs) tend to pay out more enormous dividends to shareholders. Direct real estate investment entails owning a piece of the real estate outright. It's better to participate with others in a pool that owns and runs properties or has a portfolio of mortgages rather than investing in individual properties. When it comes to protecting against inflation, owning real estate may be done in various ways. First, if the Fort Myers Communities with Low HOA Fees rate rises faster than the value of a home, capital gains may be realized. Investment property rentals may also rise in line with inflation. For properties with fixed-rate loans, the relative size of the monthly payments will diminish over time.



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